I dive


Below the surface lies another world. Another planet. Where each tiny part contains beautiful riches full of life, colors, and shapes.

It is almost as if you cannot miss with your camera. Anywhere you point it, amazing images come out, each unique and wonderful in its own right.

I am drawn to the sea almost all the time. It calls to me each day and I cannot resist the need to grab my camera and just dissapear under the surface…

To capture and show you

Our beautiful planet

The ONLY planet we have. How wonderful it is, and infinitely complex and fragile it’s ecosystem really is.

If only everyone could see what I see, we would certainly stop this madness and destruction we cause every day.

My biggest fear is that the future generations will only have this galleries as reminders of how the world once was…

I use photography to make my impact on the world

The world need us. It is in danger from us.
We need to be aware of the treasures that were left in our possession by our ancestors and the only way to open your mind is to open your eyes.

I use photography to show you what you have…



Underwater photography

With my camera I can impact the world in my own way. Making even small changes, raising awareness, bringing closer to our eyes what is beneath the surface, creates purpose in life.


Ecological & humanitarian projects

Each year projects “Think Green” and “Underwater Photo Marathon”, combining our love for people and nature, are helping more people while at the same time are raising awareness on ecology and preservation of nature. It cannot be done without our beloved sponsors, so if you’d like to contribute, please, we need the help.


Adventure expeditions

Each year I organize several adventure expeditions to remote corners of the earth. We spend time to explore the underwater world as well as local culture. If you want to join us, contact me for more informations.

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